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Basic Maintenance Tasks on Garage Doors

02/27/2014 Back To Blog

Basic Maintenance Tasks on Garage DoorsKeeping homes in good condition will reduce the need for garage door repair even if this is a routine undertaking that is recommended for all property owners. Certainly the people who live in Valley Stream understand the importance of doing these things. A case in point is the attention paid to openers from both a technical and functional point of view. The same goes for springs which perhaps represent the most dangerous and volatile element of the entire structure. There is no magic science behind this but some simple practical steps that have worked for people throughout the lifetime of this product.

Do not Forget Lubrication

All the moving parts can come to a standstill if there is an accumulation of rust. A case in point is the extension springs which can turn into a brownish and dusty mess during cold weather. Good quality oil should ensure that your torsion coil trampoline is always ready for the heavy duty work that goes into the home as people move in and out. That notwithstanding, all the people in the property must learn to use the doors correctly. For example no unnecessary banging or kicking should be acceptable because it tends to wear down the entire installation. 

The Nuts and Bolts

In all probability the vast majority of properties in New York have all sorts of nuts and bolts. This makes it a challenge to keep up with their maintenance. If they are placed on an overhead structure then the work becomes even more difficult.  Just as you would prioritize a broken spring, these essential parts have to be given precedence during the maintenance schedule. Tighten the loose ones and replace the broken ones. Do not attempt to cut corners on the cost because this could ultimately harm your overall security while living on the property.

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