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Gate Repair Services

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It's fascinating to see the world changing so fast and products of new generation technology making people's lives easier. One of the priorities of “Garage Door Repair Valley Stream” is to follow such developments with great interest. After all, we are excellent professionals and as such we have an obligation towards our customers to keep informed in order to provide excellent services. We are contractors for both garage door and gate repair services. We know the peculiarities and distinctions of both systems and everything new about their openers. Our company has magnificent teams and each technician has expert skills in order to ensure safe garage door and gate operation.

Rely on our expert teams for all gate needs


Gate RepairWe provide exceptional gate service and this includes every little need of the system. We are familiar with their intercom and opener systems and have the ability to provide both installation and repair services with equal excellence. See here a few of the services we offer.


Gate exit sensor installation
We install exit sensors and do a remarkable job. We tend to put it underground and house it in order to protect it and we make sure it operates fine with the opener. We are experts in this job and here to replace the old exit sensor properly.


Hinge welding repair
Swing gate hinges ought to be welded well in order for hinges to hold the weight of the gate. Improper installation or bad choice of materials will create problems. We fix such issues by replacing the hinges or welding them again.


Sliding gate wheels repairs
Sliding gate rollers need replacement when they are rusty or damaged. We have the capacity to lubricate them and repair them in order to make sure they will continue to sit well in tracks and make their trip back and forth with success.


Gate phone entry system services
High tech intercom systems are familiar to our technicians. We follow their changes since more and more people would choose intercom installation for their gated buildings these days. We have expertise in their installation as well as repairs, and are here to provide consultation and inform you about the recent releases of new products and of their capacities. You can be sure that our technical capacities cover all intercom needs.


Gate operator maintenance
Regular opener maintenance by our contractors ensures longevity and problems prevention. When we maintain the operator, we are totally concentrated to each part and test the movement of the gate in relation with the operation of the motor. We are able to fix gate motor problems and check the sensors efficiently.


Our intervention is of the essence when you have specific gate problems or even whenever you simply want routine service. We both solve and prevent problems with our services and our speed is ensured, especially if you are dealing with urgencies. In this case, our teams will be dispatched immediately and 24/7 and your problems will be solved on site. We are excellent contractors in whatever we do thanks to our persistence, experience and dedication. Trust your troubles to us! Contact us!

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