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Do you have questions about your overhead door? Below you will find excellent answers about the most common issues.

Why is my garage door starting to rust?

When using a steel garage door, rusting after some time is normal. It is steel and it reacts with the environmental changes. To solve the problem, you can get a hold of anti rust agents which won’t affect door quality.

How long will my garage door springs last?

There is a definite life span for your garage door springs. We suggest checking it very frequently. If something is wrong, you have to replace it immediately. You should purchase a replacement that is suitable to your door, in order to avoid future problems.

What is opener chain tension and why is it important?

The tension shows how tightly the chain of the garage door opener is set. Each more comes with a specific requirement presented in the owner’s manual. If the tension is greater than required, the hardware parts will get worn more quickly. If the chain is somewhat loose, it may get disconnected from the sprocket and even fall down.

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